Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Is the Indian judiciary really sold out? The judge who denied exemption to Amit Shah the organizer of fake encounters from personal appearance in court was transferred and the one who replaced him and gave him clean chit was rewarded with governorship. The CIC who ordered the Delhi University to make the 1978 examination, records public, when the PM Narendra Modi is supposed to have passed his BA examination from Delhi University, has been removed from the post and the High Court stayed the order. Your honor Mr. Justice! whatever is your name, how does that poses any threat the the security of the country or judiciary? This will only expose the obduracy of the lie that India's PM gave in his affidavit, who is such a cunning fraud that is keeping mum about it despite so much hue and cry.Is your commitment to Constitution or to deceit?Have you sold out your conscience and judicial morality for a post-retirement post like Governor or so? Have you also got the strap around your neck like the RBI governor Urjit Patel? If it amounts to the contempt of court, go ahead, I am ready.

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