Tuesday, January 24, 2017

International Proletariat 57

True, with change of strategies in the dynamics of the imperialist global capital, the strategy of raising/radicalization of social consciousness must change. A new international of workers is needed with new formations world over. Biggest hurdle is chauvinistic nationalism among the workers world over. Till 1914, all the sections of 2nd international were adhering to ant-war campaign but as soon as the war commenced, except for the sections of workers of Russia, the rest joined the the warmongering of their national governments. Com. Rosa Luxemburg was brutally assassinated not by Nazis but on the behest of the Social Democratic government. Traditional Communist Parties, having stopped reading Marx have been marginalized world over and have lost revolutionary zeal. I am always optimistic about the future generation. There is crisis of theory in capitalism and also there is crisis of theory in its only alternative, the socialism. We must get together and work it out.

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