Sunday, January 4, 2015


Raghavendra Das: DN Jha is a historian and RSS is a rumor spreading syndicate that propagates mythological legends as history. The historian's speculation is supported by facts and reasoned, reasonable arguments and RSS propagandist's speculation is based on concocted myths and manufactured rumors. It is a proven and established historical fact that the Rigvedic Aryans  had oral tradition of knowledge through generations and had not learnt the art of writing till around Budha's time. If Mahabharat was written, it must have been written after that. Till the time of Kautilya Krishna was not even an Aryan legendary hero forget about Lord. While advisng the Vijigishu(would be conquerer) to pray to Gods(Vedic gods -- the natural FORCES -- for blessings of success and also to demons forprotection from calamities, Kautilya puts Kans and Krishna together in the  bracket of demons. Meghasthnese, writing almost at the same time mentions him as a local legendary figure of the Sursen (Mathura) region. tone, connotation and tenor of the language and values of Gita (that I am reading once again after 45 years) are so different than the rest of Mahabharat a compilation of variety of stories and legends.It is an interpolation at a later period to counter Budhist rationality with irrational absolute faith in and unquestioned, unconditional devotion to some self-claimed super power.

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