Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DU 58(Education & Knowledge 25)

Rakesh Pandey So kind of you that you and your co-contractors of the religion that allow "Ish Mishra ji to keep abusing and barking on Hindus and still enjoying an "intellectual" leash in a Hindu society. People like him flourishing in our society gives me enough reasons to feel proud of my Hinduism that is not my religion but much more than that."  I  don't blame you but the glorious sense of language of calling a differing  colleague (or even one's own father for that matter)  a dog acquired in long devotional Shakha training. Habituated sense of abusive language does not go away with a PhD. I do not think with Modi's ascendance to power you have begun to own the country. You can kill me but cant silence me. This is my last fb terms of reacting to your comments. I shall feel grateful if you stop tagging me. 

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