Saturday, January 3, 2015

Education and Knowledge 23

The men/women of action do not waste the time in reading and thinking. The HINDUTVA scholars directing the RSS pedagogy carry forward the Vedic tradition  of SHRUTI-GYAN and do not read, not even the texts they consider consisting of all natural/super natural knowledge of all the time, for their propaganda they depend on hearsay, mythological superstitions and rumors. Had they read Mahabharat or Gita they would have have known that it was a late interpolation on Mahabhararat and is conversation between 2 characters of an epic that is 6 times in size than the homer-Hesiod put together and is considered by historians and linguists to have been composed over a long period of time but not prior to Budha's time when our Rigvedic ancestors learnt the art of writing. It is a conversation in conversation in which one character claiming to be supernatural hero convinces the hero to stop application of mind and get into the acts of slaying people including close relatives. Despite the pretentious preachings of morality and selflessness and bla bla... The thrust is  unquestioned and unconditional faith and devotion -- the basic requirements for the continuance of despotism and oligarchies.

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