Sunday, January 4, 2015

DU 56 (GITA)

it is a comment on a DU group:

no one is abusing Hinduism that is an imaginary community but when I say that Brahmanism has been responsible not only  for the degradation of the society and over thousand years intellectual stagnation but also weakening it to be easy prey to foreign aggressors by reserving the right to arms and education to a minuscule minority and subjecting the vast working population to inhuman conditions, I am making a self criticism. No one is condemning Gita but just critically analyzing it as a text as it has come down to us. It is a text that eulogize and prescribe absolute, unseasoned faith and unconditional devotion over critical, is detached objectivity; reason and rationality. It discourages and demotes application of mind that distinguishes humans from animal kingdom. It prescribes the observance of Varnashram Dharma. Critical analysis    is not abuse but honor of the text.

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