Saturday, June 28, 2014

DU 16 (Education and knowledge 5)

"Job fixing" on the basis of extra-academic considerations (academic competence being the added qualification) in the Indian universities" has been an unfortunate universal phenomenon. To me being a teacher is really very important and feel fortunate to be a teacher,    notwithstanding the curtailed tenure. In capitalism, we all, being freed from the means of labor, are "condemned" to do alienated labor for survival.  Teaching is one job in which one can minimize the alienation (if one wishes to) and marginally make for activism. Therefore my plea to colleagues in the teaching community is to realize the importance of being a teacher, irrespective of the "fixed" process of the selection.I never had any 2nd job priority. If even half of us do that, we can change the world. When Kautilya of Texila University had tol the Magadh emperor, Nanda that teachers create kings, he did not mean it just to be a metaphor.

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