Saturday, June 28, 2014

DU 15 (Education and Knowledge 4)

She seems to have gone insane. Madhu Kishwar's support for Sibal's man, DU VC, Dinesh Singh seems to be emanating from her sense of dejection due to being overlooked by the new establishment under the PMship of Modi who may or may not  have read Machiavelli, but seems to have imbibed some of the advices given to a prudent king and if Machiavelli had to choose a living model for his Prince from contemporary India, Modi would have replaced Ceaser Borgias (subsequently pope Alexander VI). One of the advices to the Prince establishing the state by conquest through others' arms is how to deal with the Vth column, expecting high rewards, who consider themselves to be the king makers. He tells the prince, just to ignore them. They have no where to go. There are several strata of this category in the present case. One of them is represented by likes of Madhu ji, who after singing eulogy of Modi for years now, from the "secular feminist" position, was expecting big ounce of the flesh, but didn't get even the small one.

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