Sunday, July 13, 2014

Palestine 1

Red Salutes to CP of Israel for taking clear stand against Zionism. red Salutes Comrades! We shall continue fighting to eventually win. We have to expedite that eventuality. Anyway, a communist has no nation. Satya Narayan You are right that it is state created public opinion, nevertheless, it is public opinion if it is defined in terms of majority opinion. The War patriotism  has been the surest tactic of the ruling classes through the ages to mobilize public support for anti-people; anti-humanity policies. In such a situation, where the ruling classes have been able to construct a "national" enemy, creating a counter consciousness and countervailing forces is very difficult task. Just remember the anti-Communist public opinion in Europe and US during the cold war period, Ruling class ideological apparatuses are being more effective to mobilize people on superfluous issues and create reactionary public opinion than the combined effort of all varieties of fractured "World-Radicals". Majority of particularly socialized men & women easily get impulsive aroused suspending the application of mind and yhus obliterating the distinction with the animal kingdom. Marx said that "to be radical is to grasp the things by the root."

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