Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DU 38 (Education and Knowledge 9)

KB GuptaThat too is your problem and personal aspersion in public discourse is indication of mental bankruptcy. What seems to you about me, is exclusively your problem, I cant help it. History is not about what seems to a communal or secular mindset but what can be substantiated and inferred from the historical sources; it is not about prejudices or myths and propaganda but proven record of the socio-economic changes in the process of human development since the humans began distinguishing themselves from the animal kingdom by producing their own survival by labor facilitated by the brain in its embryonic form. Forcing on children on public expanses the myths, prejudices and chauvinistic fictional fantasies of Mr.Batra, to blunt their critical tendencies and innovative aptitude and convert them into parrots and sheep is crime against the childhood. . Government could oblige Batra in some other way. But our children are intelligent humans, as son as they get wider exposures they would be able to differentiate between myth and reality, nevertheless such forced fed indoctrination shall certainly impede  the process of their intellectual development and shall require more countervailing force.

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