Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DU 23 (Adhoc)

A comment on a post in a DU teachers group:

I totally agree with Kapahi ji that this huge and prolonged adhocism is not a coincidence but a well conspired design with intention to weaken the teachers movement under DUTA, oblige their God-sons/daughters (not to talk of their biological ones who are breaded intellectuals) and in long run ensure their regular selection, in addition to those rightly mentioned by him -- using them for the nefarious designs fyupization. In principles, I am opposed to regularization/adjustments of long-time adhocs or giving them any concession wrt non-adhocs, I support it on compassionate ground, as, as I have mentioned, it would, practically amount to their retrenchment. But non-incumbents should too get a fair deal. In the selection committees, if and when they happen. The adhocs, with relatively long experience of teaching, already have an edge over others by having the opportunity of enhancing the vision, improving and the skills articulation, expression and communication. there should be some act in the University for automatic regularization of jobs after certain period of regular adhoc/temp position.

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