Thursday, July 17, 2014

DU 31

I totally agree with the above 3 comments. Seema Das  is right that it is an undesirable serious intervention in the university's autonomy and Mayank Kumar is also correct that university admin invited it. I wish it would have been resolved through sense of wisdom on the part of the powers that be and united struggles of teachers and students that remains fractured and fractioned.  As Prof Vasant Sharma has rightly said it is the case of 3 interlinked equilateral triangle of autonomies. UGC, under autonomous MHRD is autonomous body  responsible for funding deciding the basic guidelines within which the autonomous universities with the institutional arrangement of ACs/ECs consisting of learned people decide its policies and rules and regulations. The conflict of autonomous entities created the crisis. It is case of erosion of institutions and sense of wisdom and academic ethos among those sitting on the apex of Knowledge system. UGC did not find the FYUP illegal for the entire year till the change in the composition of the MHRD. Learned men and women sitting in the AC/EC did not bother to debate about its desirability and conformity with the NEP and UGC norms before putting the stamp on FYP and changed their mind within a year to put hurried stamp on the roll back. When ever a constitutional crisis arises due to the conflict of interests of 2 such interlinked autonomous entities, the higher one finds reason and excuse to intervene and threat and possibilities of further intervention. 

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