Sunday, July 20, 2014

DU 35 (Adhoc)

This was a comment written on a post regarding the issue of reappointment of adhoc teachers in DU colleges, but changed my mind and didn't post to avoid unnecessarily annoying many colleagues who are not the perpetrators but victims of the system.

Though the very bitter truth, truth nevertheless is that 99.9% adhocs are appointed in the colleges on the basis of networking and extra-academic considerations and networking and many of them spend more energy in pleasing the seniors and acting as their protectorate to be used as Reserve Force to fracture and faction the unity and struggles against the whimsical dictates of the power than focusing on teaching. I do not blame them as it is defined, though informally,  by the paradigmatic limitations of the existing "realities". Let us try to do away with this. The process must begin from the top. A teacher must teach by example. I am out of race but who ever of us reaches to the apex of the "knowledge system" must try to be fair to all as by doing so a teacher can do best the favor to the "favorite".The system of patronage must be made a thing of the past. Yet I am most strongly in favor of reappointment of all teachers today (21.07.2014) the opening day of the college along with working out workload and time table with the participation of all the colleagues. No particular generation/batch of adhoc teachers can be made the scape goat.  
PS: the 99.9%(with pluses/minuses) is applicable to even through duly constituted Selection Committees and the academic competence is the added qualification

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