Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DU 18 (Education and Knowledge 8)

In Hindu College, in the admission in Pol.Sc., we had to take pain in convincing the candidates and the guardians of the SC/OBC category that by taking admission in general they would not forfeit the future benefits of reservation. I don't think that any college has scope not to fill or manipulate the quota in admissions. Though unrelated to this thread, there is something seriously wrong with the CBSC (and other boards). In our college cut offs in Pol.Sc are 96% (97, 98, 98.5% for various subject combinations); 94 and 92% for gen.;OBC; SC/ST catedories respectively and till yesterday we already admitted 60 students in gen. (including few with OBC/SC certificate); 15 in ST (much above the ratio of possible real intake in the first cut off); 12 in SC categories.2nd Cut off list will be out for SC and OBC categories only. I want to share 2 observations, rather anxieties: 1. Not totally on lighter note, suppose cut off is 100% and plenty of candidates get 100% (not totally impossible) then what criterion  should be applied for admission, draw of lots!, in an not infinitely elastic system? 2. The reducing gap b/w various categories (and many "non-meritorious" getting into gen category) is a slap on so-called meritocracy argument on the one hand (though examination marks are not the exclusive ingredients of merit in the real meaning of the term)  and mark of big leap forward in the realm of Dalit/OBC scholarship and assertion (though not consciousness of the oppressed) with partial help of reformative measures of social justice (affirmative actions of state). I am tempted to share another unrelated experience of anti-Mandal euphoria days but one should not be so greedy, though that had partly contributed towards my loosing the job at Hindu College, one of the hubs of the euphoria. Much water have flowed down the dirty Yamuna (dirty though), since then. Sorry for the hoch-poch.

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