Monday, July 14, 2014

DU 29 (left)

Nutan Kala Joshi  Removed your name. Sorry, was busy with some trivialities (completing an overdue write up) of the real world and hence away from the virtual world for almost 12 hours. Just now saw your message and post have edited to remove your name. In fact, it is the copy paste of was a comment on comments on Nandita's thread of appeal for reappointment of the adhoc colleagues with reference to your and Savita Jha Khan's remarks on activism and JNU. It was not intended to offend you or anybody for that matter, in fact, never intend to offend anyone and immediately apologize for any inadvertent offense. I still do not find personally offensive but you felt so due to your name in the thread, I am extremely sorry.

Nutan Kala Joshi  Again, extremely sorry. Could not visit the fb in the day and immediately after opening it saw your message of objection and immediately removed your name. Respected madam! I do not seek garner likes (or dislikes for that matter), they are inadvertent consequences of my reactions. I don't care being in miniscule minority as being in minority is not being necessary wrong. I am generally a good human being (ha ha, I think so. ) and never intend to hurt/offend any fellow human being irrespective of desirability/undesirability, any hurt/offense is inadvertent. I am a writer and write sense to my limited understanding and hence make it as public as possible. I never make any personal asperson but comment on the content of commentsThe particular thread, as I explained on your post was a copy-paste of the comment in the context of your and Savita's remarks and  therefore did not remove the name, not knowing that it might be offensive. Sorry.
PS:  I do not care whether you brand me left or right as many people haunted by the specter of left come out with judgmental statements unsubstantiated by facts or logical arguments without knowing  the history of the term or the fact that there is no uniform-homogeneous set of left but many varieties.With due apology to science scholars, many with such unscientific temperament and approach happen to be science students, as we do not teach science as science but as skill. Those who develop scientific temperament Also become the likes of Russel and Einstein.

Nutan Kala Joshi I don't crave for likes and comments, I state clearly what what I have to on issues and concepts and unlike you do not become personal and make obnoxious comments and baseless personal aspersions against responsible people. Your impulsive explosions, particularly against left, Nandita Narain and activism emanating from ignorance and prejudices are atrocious. Just look at the language of your your comments about the principled young admin (he is so democratic that refuses to be called admin) in terms of having no partisanship about not deleting any comment. I do not find anything offensive in my post (You haven't raised any objection on the content), but as soon as you objected to your name with the post, said sorry and removed. As the comment that became a post is response to your remarks, to put the things in context, had posted the comment without editing. bye. 

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