Sunday, May 3, 2015

DU 63 (Education & Knowledge 33)

Nutan Kala Joshi and Brajesh Choudhary I am not opposed to NET as such, I am opposed to its multi-choice format of the examination, suitable for coaching trained UPSC/PSC aspirants, no wonder majority of the teachers consists of UPSC rejects. This kind of mugging-oriented tests do not tell anything about one's teaching aptitude or research orientation. I am reminded of an incident. In 1998 or so a student of mine, called me after her law entrance, "सरजी, मैं तो रामजी का नाम लेकर सारे C पर टिक लगा के आ गयी " and she cleared the test, practices in High court and was an MP in the last Lok Sabha. And how serious examiners we are? One student of 3rd year applied for revaluation in my paper and got marks increased by 14 out of 75, i.e. by 18.66%. Another student of 1st year got her marks increased by 23/75, i.e. by 30.6%. Either of the two - original evaluater or the revaluater- whoever is found to have committed such a blunder must be barred from being examiner and must be made to compensate for the revaluation fee(Rs 1000 per paper) paid by the students and for the agony students undergo in the mean time. In the last semester evaluation in KM college, one young lady collected a bundle of 46 answer sheets, unmindful of others sitting around, checked and filled the score card and submitted the same in 35 minutes. One head examiner, shared her pain of rechecking the whole bundle as it was so callously checked that differences were considerable.

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