Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DU 65

Unfortunately RSS  walas do not read their constitution that begins with "RSS is an organization of male Hindus".@Manu Sharma Kataria Hve you read the trash called BUNCH OF THOUGHT AND WE OR OUR NATION DEFINED BY PAPUGUUJI  called GOLWALKAR or THE INTEGRAL HUMANISM by Deen Dayal? I have read all the obscurantist literature of RSS and Jmat-e-Islami, the twin chldren of imperialism in my research "Women's question and communal ideologies: A study into the ideologies of RSS AND Jamat-E-islami(google search) and have been A STATE COMMITTEE mamber of UP ABVP at an early age of 17 that you can confirm from Arun Jaitly or likes of Govindachaya or MM Joshi, so I know ins and outs of this fascist outfit. READ AT LEAST YOUR LITERATURE, though Shakha training demotes application of mind, but do apply the mind to be different than animals and you would know RSS  as  AN IMPERIALIST AGENT AND ANTI-WOMAN organization. down with the intellectual heirs of MANU.

It is the intellectual bankruptcy of the ideological descendants of  incorporate Ambedkar who burnt the copies of Manusmriti. IF YOU HAVE GUTS DENOUNCe Manusmriti considered to be wisest and justest law book by both Deendayal and Golwalkar.

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