Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Nalin Singh Its not your statement but the banner, whose pics we have, declaring the aim of event's organization was fund collection for Uttarakhand tragedy that was published in paper, in reply to an RTI, PMO told that no such fund reached there? We just want to know that where the funds have gone. There has been no refutation of the newspaper report. We want to save Hindu College from the clutches of the whimsical GB, which claims Hindu College to be a private college. Would you like to be known as the product of a private college? I am the president of the staff association that is leading the protest. Action against teachers about irregularities in the college.  Any way the agenda of the agitation is not the ALUMNI meet and we have nothing against old student all the alumni must have right to get together and most of you are my fiends including Amartya Banerjee. The agenda of our agitation is the attack on teacher's and student's right to freedom to expression and to demand transparency in the college functioning. You must be knowing, Dr Ashok Mittal, commerce teacher, whose average presence in the college,  while in job would not be more than  2-3 days in the college. His appointment to the post of Principal of Hindu College was annulled by the Supreme court . After retirement this GB, arrears of whose mandatory contribution runs over a crore, appointed him as "construction consultant" at Rs 60,000 a month without making it clear from what source he shall be paid? We have filed an RTI about the source of his payment.  Endowment fund of the college is meant for the welfare  of karmcharis, students and the teachers, the GB shows it as its income. Students fee is raised to almost double without assigning any reason or discussion in the Staff Council the statutory body of the college. Students are being made to sign "voluntary" donation of security deposit at the time of taking their admit card. Students, filing RTI's are being harassed. Our agitation is to retrieve the reputation of this prestigious institution. We appeal to all those whom Hindu College is dear, to support our agitation of academic freedom.

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