Saturday, May 16, 2015

DU 64 (Education & Knowledge 34)

Virender S. Negi we do apply mind to everything, but critically. your idea of 2000 year old history is based on hearsay, our's is on textual fact. what have you read of 2000 year old? I teach Indian political philosophy and don't say that kautilya was great just like that but would substantiate it by his organic definition of state in terms of its constituent elements in the hierarchy of their importance. The engine of the history does not have a reverse gear and every next generation, in general, is always smarter, that is how we have traveled from stone age to space age. Every epoch has its greats and villains. Seeking all the greatness in the past is impediment to present and a conspiracy against the future. Let's march ahead and not go back.

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