Saturday, May 23, 2015

International Proletariat 53

Dipak Kumar Bhattacharya In absolute agreement with all the points with addition that Violence in the course of ongoing class war might become unavoidable as countervailing force to ruling class violence. The last point, "War is a murderous machine programmed by profiteers to rob and steal resources." is a historically universal. In points 9 & 10,"9. Force or power is born out of knowledge, based on materialist conception of history and an independent united organization of the conscious working class.
10. When ‘WC, IN itself’ metamorphoses to ‘working class, FOR itself’ – it’s a mini revolution" I would like to add that if that transformation -- from class-in-itself to class-for-itself takes place, not the mini but would be the full revolution. The link between the two -- the class consciousness -- is regrettably, in my estimate, is at much low level with respect to the stage of development and recurring economic crises. War patriotism has always been the refuge of scoundrels. Long way to radicalization of social consciousness. Once that happens, as Brecht beautifully wrote during those dark days that General' tank needs a human to drive and that is dangerous. The day the driver of the tank becomes dangerous for the general, will mark the beginning of working class revolution leading to human emancipation.

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