Tuesday, May 19, 2015

achchhe din

Shining India was a prelude to ACHCHHE DIN
That old patriarch who made India shining
though a bachelor and a born Swayamsevak like me
lagged behind in deception and treachery
also was far behind in dissemble affability
a mask himself
was unable to further mask himself
while unmasking others
Though excellent in demagoguery
but would at times gave thought to his words
In attempt to create a global credibility
took his words of friendship seriously with Pakistan
a disaster to our stock of food and fuel
God bless Musharraf who helped creating Kargil
to scuttle the POTA-LOTA uproar on the roads
Shining did not bring about good days
The weaponry of riots has not dried as yet
the ACHCHHE DIN shall continue to AANEWALE
for the next 5 years
There shall be no kisan and no dukan
no fear no tear
and before 5 years end
Pakistan shall commit the blunder of attacking our Rashtra
that shall awaken and rise and shall crush this tiny neighbor
Some philosopher had said it centuries ago
patriotism is last resort of scoundrels
and war patriotism guarantee to retain the throne
BEHTAR DIN shall continue to AANEWALA
for the next five years
but i fear the people might come to know the truth
and throw me in the dustbin of history
I shall burn the books of history
(Ish Mishra: 20.05.2015)

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