Thursday, September 8, 2016

Marxism 19

Sanjeev Kumar I expected this question and welcome. I fondly remember my those very few students who at one point or other of time asked me inconvenient questions. ( I am writing an article सत्यनारायण की कथा और देशभक्ति, thought of talking to you tomorrow but that would be late)

No, reservation is anti-Brahmanical, though reformative and not revolutionary way of eradicating the caste injustices and inhumanly oppressive caste discrimination. During anti-Mandal fascist upsurge, the composition of camppuses was quite different from.The campuses were upper caste dominated. Reservation has been instrumental in democratizing the composition of campuses. It were the left individuals and organization that stood up against the tide under the treats of mob lynching. In DU, the DUTA President MMP Singh had to resign as though we overdid them (Congress&RSS together and "apolitical" upper caste teachers with Brahmanical mind set) in lung power but they outdid us in numerical power. DUTA resolution defending Mandal was defeated. Amit Sengupta, a leftist, was JNUSU President who too had not only to resign due to defeat of JNUSU resolution in the GBM. I was with him when the anti-reservation lumpens were threatening him of mob lynching and we dared them to touch us. On my posts on JNU, kasmir, Attrocities on Dalits I get most offending abuses from Mishras, Pandeys, Shuklas, Avasthis....... and the most of vulgar including of Ma-Bahan in my inbox. I simply block them as their education has not helped them in transcending the attributes arising from the biological accident of birth in which no one has any role. For the last 45 years I have been confronting the question that why do I write Mishra? As if Mishras have no right to develop scientific outlook? I face the same question from the realm of identity politics. I call them neo-Brahmans. Jokingly, I tell them that I haven't done away with Mishra to confess that my ancestors are also among those who have been responsible for keeping the society economically and intellectually for tens of centuries. There is no one or uniform left, it is fractured, fraction-ed and confused. It is also, like capitalism, facing the crisis of theory and the communist parties do not have monopoly over class struggle. Many of them have ceased to be communist long away and I have written about it in many write ups. I will post here some links. The crisis of Indian communists lies in their adopting Marxism as a model instead of adapting it as a a science to comprehend and method to change. In Europe the birth qualification was demolished during Renaissance, in India nothing like that happened. Therefore priority of Indian communists should have been the accomplishment of unfulfilled task by bourgeois democratic movement (the nationalist movement under Congress) to demolish the "Asian Mode" (Brahmanism). Any Communist Party must not take it personally, as it is self criticism, as I have been part of adopted Marxism. What I wish to request my young friends that identity politics has its limitations and has acquired theoretical victory as no one, howsoever casteist can publicly claim so, owing to great leap forward in terms of Dalit assertion and scholarship. Next step is radicalization of Dalit consciousness one of the major components of potential revolutionaries. My only request is trust me until proved wrong and judge me by my words and deeds and not by the suffix of my name. Rohith's martyrdom generated the much overdue unity of the slogans of Jay Bhim -- lal salam. Lets theorize this symbolic unity and pay real homage to Rohith whom in one of my write ups cpmpared with Bhagat Singh. Let us respect the legacy of Bhagat Singh and not reject it as upper caste. JAY BHIM LAL SALAAM.

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