Monday, September 5, 2016

Footnote 2 (Hindu College 2008)

Surya Swetabhn Your batch in Hindu College. Do you remember the notes on Rousseau and Marx I wrote for your batch, while giving to new batches, I tell them this was prepared for 2008 batch. I keep sharing them from the blog. The trip had been marvelous, rather the best, we learnt and unlearned so much, the trekking was marvelous. Do you remember the "Binsar night of Political Economy", When Suksham (practicing now in Himachal High Court) began sharing his new information from recently read Manifesto? If you remember,in that room, everyone, incidentally was from Political Economy group except poor Shagufta Suheily, who too enjoyed the almost overnight discourse and all the mimics of who not? Your batch benefited most in terms of help in writing skills through thorough edit checking the assignments and term papers. Sometimes writing in red would overshadow that in blue yet with comment of good, can be made better. Arunakshi (now in UP Civil Services) told me that she has got few of the assignments laminated. Subhash (now in BSF) had told me that someone asked him that how could he get 7.5/10 with so many corrections. Remember you all with lots of affection and proud of all of you. Wish that all of you create new heights in your life and work.

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