Sunday, April 19, 2015

लल्लापुराण 162 (postvedic republics)

KN Singh You are right. The entire Rigvedic period was of tribal republics. State in India and elsewhere began to take firm footing only around Budha's time, 6th century with the emergence of Janpadas and Mhajanpadas. Magadh, kashi etc emrged as monarchies and the region north to Ganga were Sanghas (Kautilya's Arthshatra has vivid description of them), known as post-Vedic republics, who organised theselves in a war confederation under Vaishali against Magadh. Similar things were happening in Greece where from clan-tribal organizations emerged an advanced form of state-polis. First political theory, preceding ARTHSHASTRA and DHARMSHASTRA, is Budhist political theory, a social contract theory in ANUGUTTARANIKAY and DIGHANAIKAY.

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