Monday, June 15, 2015

सियासत 17

On compassionate, humanitarian ground, India's foreign minister pleads with the British government for Lalit Modi, of IPL scams fame, that has been granted. Is it corruption to help a criminal to evade arrest? Can these nationalists have some compassionate, humanitarian feeling for 90% disabled Delhi University professor G Naga Saibaba​ rooting in the egg cell of Nagpur jail under oppressive conditions? Saibaba is not a criminal or involved in scams causing harm to state treasury but a champion of human rights of the oppressed. They would say he is a Maoist. Is action taken for acts or ideas? Recent judgement of Kerala high court ruled out that no action can be taken just for being a Maoist. Would courts of this country, which for an accident by a e-Ricksa jeopardized the livelihood of lakhs of self employed poor, would take the suo-moto action to help the wheel chaired professor? Answer is no, because neither her husband is friend of Saibaba nor her daughter is his lawyer. It is to be noted that the husband of the external affairs minister is friend of Modi and her daughter is his lawyer. Does helping family friend-crimnals come under the category of corruption? Devotees are silent. jai shriram

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