Sunday, December 11, 2016

Marxism 25 (NPE)

The only comforting thing is that unlike Germany and Italy or Spain India is a vast country with its diversities and forces of resistance. He is acting on the behest of imperialist "New Political Economy(NEP)", a gang of WB's apologist economists, who prescribe authoritarian regimes that can use ruthless coercion to implement SAP as it would be a painful process. Once the party of government is discredited replace it by other that puts the blame of ills on the previous government and carry ahead SAP under the pretext of cleaning the trash of previous government. I must write about it a detailed article. The NEP views the politicians of the 3rd word countries as crooks and rascal with no principles who want to cling to the power at any cost. The recommend to "buy the bad government to get the kick off the back of good people". If "bad governments" could not be bought in the interest of "good people", then they are destroyed like in Iraq or Libya.

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