Saturday, October 29, 2016

Marxism 23

I had written long comment some time back on an Anirban's post. Originally among the communist leaders Brahmins were in majority because to be a communist is to be able to critically comprehend the history that (leaving exceptions like Kabir) needs access to intellectual resources. But it was intellectual inability of the dealership to appropriately comprehend the contradictions, despite best intentions. They thought the agenda of "birth" qualification, that was banished by bourgeois democratic revolution in Europe inclusive in quest for economic equality, a deterministic Marxism and hence didn't separately address this question. Another reason is inability of parties to impart political education to its cadre to expedite their journey from "class-in-itself" to "class-for-itself" the domination of 'upper caste' born people in the leadership would have automatically withered away. Anyway, the fascist attack is intense and on all. Unity of resistance is the compulsion that should be used as blessing in disguise, an opportunity to transform the symbolic unity of Jay Bhim-Lal Salam into theoretical and practical unity with will. Our destination is same - a society free from any kind of discrimination and exploitation, also free from superstitions, ignorance and jingoism.

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