Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I am alive

I am alive for my longing to live to create
I am alive for my dreams
Dreams to change the
ugly world into a beautiful planet
A planet without miseries, hunger and starvation
A planet that knows no bloodshed, only humane empathy
A planet without fear
A planet where
kaleidoscopic sky of ideas flow freely
A planet free from jingoism and 'national' hatred
A planet that knows no alienation only creation
A planet free from inhuman exploitation and subjugation
A planet that knows no wage slavery only praxis
A planet free from orthodoxy
and the burden of the corpses of the dead generations
A planet that knows no competition only human cooperation

I am alive because I dream
I am alive to fulfill the dream of emancipation
going on for the ages
I am alive because of my conviction in the theory change
I am alive to live meaningfully
As life has no extra-living end
Living a quality life is an end in itself
Rest follow as inadvertent consequences.
(ha ha, don't know its a prose or poetry -- the product of pen's vagabondage )

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