Monday, October 10, 2016

Footnote 3

Agree with Ravi Bhushan, JP's political confusion begins with his Sarvoday Movement. Students movement provided him opportunity of his resurrection, that he wasted owing loss of vision of carrying forward a movement on a progressive path and lack of framework and definition of what he called Total revolution. JP had been writing about fascist character of communalism and RSS, found RSS to be his prominent ally for the Total revolution. Underscoring or conspicuous of not knowing the Machiavellian tricks of RSS facilitated/dictated the formation of Janta party with RSS's parliamentary wing, Jansangh as a major partner. It is not questioning his integrity but political vision without underscoring his heroic role in the national movement with a major role in the formation of CSP that had become the voice of the workers, peasants and other oppressed sections. I may be wrong but it has been my view since 1978. shall like to be further enlightened.

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