Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Marxism 21

Being atheist and feminist are logical corollaries of being Marxist. Self-criticism and praxis are two key concepts of Marxism. As Marx said, 'to be radical is to grasp the root.'. Being a Marxist is not easy as one has to practice theory, but living the theory is the ultimate pleasure. As far participation in rituals and festivals is concerned, it is a tricky question. Most of the major festivals have been festivals of agricultural communities, generally the festivals of harvesting. In course of time, the vested ideological interests, in our case, the Brahmanism, linked them with myths of their own construct and gave them religious connotation. Holi in JNU used to be the superb. Ideologies are perpetuated in and through our everyday discourse and rituals. One should strictly not participate in directly anti-feminist rituals like Karvachauth. Mahishasur celebrations, now being observed at many places, has initiated a new discourse on the Myth of Chandi Durga. As far using foreign goods are going to US or elsewhere does not have any contradiction with being a Marxist. The entire economy is controlled by imperialist capital that is global, i.e. not geo-centric either in terms of source or investment. The worker has no nation, nationalism is his intoxication administered by the ruling classes. The worker is free from means of labor and hence free to sell labor at "market price" or starve. To be a Marxist is to react to one's situation, the Marx would have reacted, i.e to take a scientific stock of the situation and locate one's own role to contribute one's bit in the process of radical changes. Just go ahead, to be a Marxist is to be a good sensitive human, rest follow as inadvertent consequences.

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