Saturday, November 22, 2014

DU 50 (Education and Knowledge 17)

Sanjay Mohanty My comment is not against adhocs, they are colleagues but against university's job mafia, which perpetuates adhocism.I totally agree with you that those who are permanent are not Socrates either. 99% jobs are given on extra academic considerations, if one is academically competent also that is an added qualification. 1% accidentally. Well, I  am a Marxist in the sense that I APPLY POLITICAL Economy approach to comprehend the history and consistently endeavor to derive unity in theory and practice. I shall write anthology of almost 15 years interviews in DU and else where. Rest later, now I must jot down the points of an unwritten paper on Nationalism and Capitalism to be presented tomorrow in a seminar in Varanasi and have to catch a train at 6.30. At a lighter note to my esteemed colleague Seema Das , one who smoke behind the bar appreciated by the students; write poetry(first collection in the press); though haven't accomplished even 10% of due to his innate vices of vagabond-ism, lack of sense of proportion, wont of taking people on face value, mistake of not reading the 2nd line of सत्यम ब्रूयात.......   and speaking out avoidable bitter truths, exhibits the biggest bilingual DUKAN in the library on the Founder's day; is invited to seminars and poetry readings on big and small platforms; actively participates in the peoples' movements; goes out to public meetings of the movements he supports; does fact findings in the matters of human rights violations and publishes reports that is carried by many web and print publications; published  his first (and best researched as yet in 1987) on Women and communalism that has been referred to  by few, including Nambudaripat, Malvika karlekar  ...(look for Ish Mishra on Women and communalism on google  search); have survived with dignity without begging, stealing and kneeling and with all the familial, academic and political obligations in this city without a job and without a line of tension on the forehead through intellectual labor; ........ also. I have I have not seen anything in black and white by those who live puritan life with religious fasting of santoshimata. कुछ ज्यादा हो गया? आखिर में हबीब जालिब से मॉफी के साथ --- झुकाकर सर जो हो जाता सर मैं, तो लेक्चरर 15  साल पहले हो जाता. One must avदid personal aspersions, if not it should not be too mean. 

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