Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Ode to Modi

An ode to Modi ji for complenting the handicapped as Divyang (blessed with divine organs)

You are blessed with divine mind your highness!
In the same way as the handicapped is seen blessed with divine organs in your divine eyes
Who is asserting the claim of right to human dignity
Sailing courageously the surging sea of pain
Enduring patiently the disdainful
Contempt, discrimination, deprivation and social indifference
Accepting helplessly the adjectives of limp, blind, deaf and dump, as proper nouns.
Your deprivation of sense of history turned into blessing in disguise your highness
That made you the darling of the moneybags of the earth
Pierce yours at least one or both the eyes
And get blesssed with with divine organs also
The combination of the two deadly blessings shall be divine your highness!
Your divine eyes would see divinity into hunger and starvation deaths in the contry
That is blessed by Gods in various incarnations
Of Ambanis, Adanis and the Wall marts
You are great your highness blessed with divine mind
As the handicapped is blessed with divine organs in your divine eyes
Your greatness also lies in freeing the country from the vices like peace and harmony
And the sins like reason and rationality with your divine power
(Ish Mishra, 29.12.2015)

the translation seems better than the original

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