Thursday, May 16, 2013


My association with JNU has been accidental and one of the inadvertent consequences of Emergency. I came to Delhi to explore the possibilities of under ground existence and reached JNU looking for DP Tripathi(Viyogi ji). Tripathi ji was in Tihar and I met (late) Ghanshyam Mishra and other seniors from Allhabad, who offered me hospitality. Coming from the feudal atmosphere of Allahabad University, JNU was a revelation to me any many ways. And the accident proved to be a blessing in disguise and take pride in being 1st decade JNUite, a small democratize community where everyone knew everyone else and tialization was across the boundaries of political affiliations. Thanks Tibs, for reunion of that small community in the vitrual world of FB.
I was also present in that meeting in the club building that was adjourned sine die after DPT was physiclly attacked (or it looked so) that was followed by refrendum on election and sitaram Yechuri my next to next door neighour (I was living in room no. 323 Ganga with ramashankar singh who went home for few days and came back after emergency in the next session and hence I had a single seated room before joining JNU in July 1977, sita was in 325) was selected as SFI candiadate in the subsequent election. The FT candidate was rajaram and the campus became full of rajaram-sitaram posters. rest is nthe history.

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