Monday, May 20, 2013

International Proletariat 33

Are these words written by Engels still valid for the economically powerful and dominating countries in this post-colonial phase of capitalism? - "A really general workers' movement will come into existence here only when it is brought home to the workers that England's world monopoly is broken? The fact that they participate in the domination of the world market was and is the economic basis of the political nullity of the English workers." (Mars and Engels Selected Correspondence, pp 343-44)

Marx and Engels basing their ideas on the on-going to  trends in the development of capitalism had envisaged that large working establishments of production in the monopoly stage would facilitate the workers' socialization that would lead to transformation of workers from class in-itself to class for-itself to be able to comprehend the contradictions and capable of organizing themselves into a party to end them and bring about revolutionary transformation. In global capitalism, when the character of the capital is no more geo-centric either in terms of its source or investment with informalization and outsourcing of production, the possibility of labor socialization at work places is diminished. New techniques of raising working class consciousness has to be worked out. The cyber space could be used as one of the media to form a new global workers ssociation and general strike would begin from most developed capitalist country as disillusionment with the system has already begun with the Occupy movement.

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