Friday, May 10, 2013

लल्लापुराण ८४

Taruna Misra ji, mother to most of us id dearest but the text can be better understood in the context. There are many instances when earth is revered as mother and saluted. I just wanted to put in perspective the debate in the constituent assembly over the song. After independence, RSS has been openly condemning the national hymn and the flag and appropriated Vandematarm and further communalized its already communal overtones. It should be left to individuals to sing or not sing it. Present controversy is political from both the sides aimed at communal polarization. saluting the mother or mother earth is different from the idol worship as the mother depicted in the song and the novel is likened to Goddess Durga and cant be forced on those who are opposed to idol worship. Singing or not singing a particular song has nothing to do with the progress of the country, which is marred by competition between electoral parties for loyalty to global capital at the cost of common man, particularly the tribals/farmers and other oppressed sections of the society. The controversy is aided and abetted by the fanatics of both the communities who are hand-in-gloves in fragmenting the society and divert the public attention from the issues of bread and butter and overarching corruption that forms the basis of concurrence of interest among the electoral parties.   

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