Wednesday, May 8, 2013

International Proletariat 30

Its rare in the existing state of patriarchal structures that a woman labels a false charge of sexual assault and withdraws subsequently. Without entering into the debate of a particular case firstly: someone has rightly said that generalizations from the particularities is dangerous trend in social theory. In the existing ideological paradigm of patriarchy, a tragic reality even after 3 centuries of the Enlightenment -- the Scientific Revolution -- and over 2 centuries of formal emergence of Feminism as a philosophy and movement by the turn of the 18th century, the unnatural, social phenomena of rapes are unfortunate real facts. Since my teenage this has remained an enigma and unanswered question, "Why rape?" or even prostitution ( a paid rape/economic coercion)? for that matter. It cannot be sexuality, that is a matter of absolute mutuality. Its not a matter of sexuality but of masculinity. (Women do not rape). I must stop here, lest it not be a full article. Gender is not an attribute of biology but an ideology that we reinforce and perpetuate in our everyday experiences in a genderized vocabulary. Hegemony is ideological, to fight the rape, we have to fight it ideologically too.

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