Tuesday, May 21, 2013

International proletariat 34

Not only education and intelligence are different but wisdom and intelligence are also different, wisdom is dialetical unity of reason and conscience. Intelligence knows good and bad but does not move you to do good (or bad), it is conscience which does that but does not know about good and bad. Ideally, education shoud be to form and cosolidate this unity. But the education being most important ideological apparatus controlled by the ruling classes of the time does the   opposite as this unity will make people wise enough to comprehend the antagonistic contradictions of the system and will unitedly fight out to end them, leading to mation otal transformation of the system. It is a means of making money irrespective of any ethcal or other contradictions. Educations equips us with skilss and information to keep the system going. If one wants knowledge, he/she has to make separate efforts. rebel streams emanate from the mainstream itself. 

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