Monday, May 20, 2013


  1. When I came to JNU from "peaceful Allahabad" where all the activists were either in Jail or underground (I reached JNU in my exploration of an undrgound refuge), JNU was oozing with activities. Indrani; Ashoklata; Dilip and the Canadian woman I am forgetting the name were few of the very active people I noticed. I heard about the story how JNUites had repelled the Police under DCP Bhullar(probably) from the campus with Indrani palying a major role in it. Let us grow out of our 20s (many times I also forget that over 3 decades ago I was in 20s hA HA) and look at those really pleasant days with an element of objectivity. Kuldip Bhai, you must not leave, its a request. 

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