Wednesday, June 15, 2011


if the CPI(M), as it is, wants to become a revolutionary party once gain, it can not. There, accidental are two option before it's leadership, sizable section of which is accidental, 1. To acknowledge the reality of their being no-different -- qualitatively and quantitatively -- from other social-democratic electoral parties and declare so. 2. To vanish. A small section within the party that still harbors revolutionary dreams and aspirations and has been feeling suffocated would either probably revolt or try to takeover the leadership in a well structured, pyramidal "politics from above." If accidental revolutionaries take charge of revolutionary politics, it is doomed to degenerate and adversely affect the revolutionary process. Two of it's top leaders are accidental revolutionaries. What happens, in student politics many students join an organization or another in search of identity and a platform. Relatively more influential platform are more attractive to such elements. About one I am not sure as he came to lime-light as President of a new university with few hundred students. The emergency time President of that University, euphemistically known as SFI God-father, did not want elections after the emergency but majority wanted. There was long debate within SFI for Presidential candidate and this accidental revolutionary, blue-eyed boy of the God-father, was preferred to one of the most agile, talented, committed and hard-working Comrades (who is no more) with consideration to better looks, presentability and accent. If CPI(M) really wants to recreate its relevance, it needs total overhauling.

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