Saturday, December 13, 2014

Marxism 7

Yogesh Puri Good morning, sir. .Absolutely agree with you that the real contradiction is between "the majority of exploited and the minuscule minority of people controlling the levers of political power, structure of economy and culture and there could be many in the latter who are like you, non-believers." True, probably, the majority of "the minuscule minority" are non-believers. Jinna was a non-believer and so was Savarakar. My opposition is not with believers but against political misuse of belief. My wife is a staunch believer. This was a fb comment on a comment of mine on a post by an old RSS friend, convener of UP BJP intellectual cell, has been serializing Mhabharat on fb with his invented chronology beginning with Dec.2. Some one accused me of being VIDHARMI and I accepted that as a complement. You know that ruling classes overplay the minor or the artificial/concocted contradictions like religion/caste etc. to blunt the edge of the major contradiction -- the economic contradiction. That is why Modi Bhaktas are unceasingly busy in diverting the popular attention towards concocted issues of love jihad; conversions, protection of cow and BAU-BETI, whose biggest nemesis are the protectors themselves so that the present government, continuing the auction of the country from where its predecessors had left, albeit, more boldly and arrogantly with the vanity of the popular majority. Most of the ruling classes heed Machiavelli's advice to the prudent prince to use religion for political proposes as it is the "most effective" instrument to keep people "loyal" and united. This poetry was intended against exploitation of popular religious sentiments to create disunity and hatred, inadvertently became an attack on the believers.

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