Tuesday, December 23, 2014

International Proletariat 50

capitalism has learnt from Hindu caste system in which everyone can find to look down at some one in creating various echelons of the wage earners. Class -in-itself and -for -itself syndrome has been so well explained in Poverty of Philosophy, Manifesto and EPM. The link between "in" and "for" - the class consciousness -- is difficult task that the Marxists have been trying to make easy by raising the social consciousness. The biggest hurdle is the "highly educated"" (skilled), better paid section of the working population that harbors the illusion of being part of the ruling class, the lumpen bourgeois, extending Gunter Andre Frank's concept. The percentage of "educated" duffers world over is higher than their uneducated counterpart.

Ruling classes in all the historical epochs after the longest epoch of the classless primitive communism, the ruling classes overplay the artificial/superfluous contradictions to blunt the edge of the major-economic-contradiction. In my college there is teachers association and karmchari(employees) association as if teachers are not employees?. The ideological false consciousness has to be overcome. Leaving the debate here and going to complete the summary of VII that has already got a longish prelude.

Those superfluous differences deliberately created by the ruing classes and perpetuated by their ideological apparatuses to impede the process of universalizing of the notion of working class has to be overcome by unceasing political education.

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