Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DU 54 (Sukuma)

Savita Jha Khan We don't do anything on the pretext but in the context of the dialectical reality.I would have complemented you for your anxiety had it been original but is cliched one transferred from generation-to-generation of apologists of the system, like standing up of the students on arrival of the teacher in the class.I had written a long piece on the death of 56 CRPF men, SHALL FIND FROM MY BLOG and post. I shall write another piece on this some time right now have to edit this invite and prepare its Hindi version and go for a fact finding in Dilshad garden church fire episode. What were those CRPF men armed with high tech weapons ding in the jungle? Had they gone there on pilgrimage?They had gone to kill and got killed. Our heart pains at the unnecessary loss of any life. My sympathies are with the families of the deceased of both the killed CRPF men as well as supposedly killed Maoist guerrillas, 2 armed outfits --both sons of peasants or workers, one mercenary and another voluntary, one has gone to kill his own brethren on orders from above other to defend himself to survive to serve his people from Corporate plunder of their resources.Do you ever have tears for thousands of Adivasis plundered, killed, raped and maimed? We are quite optimist that one day these uniformed machines would become thinking humans and that shall be the beginning of the revolutionary transformation of the society. The poor shall stop killing poor and unitedly tame the rich to hail in the era of equality.equality, liberty, fraternity shall not remain just jargon but the prevailing reality.

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