Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DU 55 (Sukuma)

Savita Jha Khan Some street theater activists think that by being loud and obscene with judgmental pronouncements the performance would become more revolutionary. You remind me of them. I do not engage in debates for debate sake but with a pedagogic purpose agreeing with Anton Chekhov that art for art sake and its public exhibition is a social crime. And engaging with someone in discourse, who is all knowledgeable and reached the apex of the wisdom and can become authentic intellectual mercenary to write the obituary of Marxism without bothering to read its M, is wastage of time, if nothing else. Where did I deny the existence of state, that is the existing reality, we have to face and change it. I have not sent Adivasis to become Maoist gorilla , who are at least as intelligent as most of the educated duffers who cant transcend the attributes of the identity emanating from the biological accident of birth..They need not be sent, they choose their own ways. They do not engage into mindless killing like uniformed machines, Ranvir Sena or Bajarang Dal or the casteist or honor killings, they attack in self defence. Any way I do not support CPI(Maoist) politics, as in my opinion this is the stage of mass resistance enduring the repression and not of armed struggle that might become unnecessary with the revolutionary rise of the level of mass consciousness. Without a pervasive mass sympathy and before a certain level of social consciousness armed struggles is doomed to be counter productive. Any way, there is no final truth. Those 'SONS OF FARMERS' rather young farmers themselves, are not hapless creatures but intellectually endowed and equipped human being like us, It is again an Aristotelian stereotype that Adivasis need imported intellectuals. They don't. They evolve their organic intellectuals through their struggles. I wish you could have heard the speeches and songs of the leaders and activists of MASS MOVEMENTS LIKE Kalingnagar, Niyamgiri, MEJA..I- modestly educated men and women --- in their meetings,you would find their comprehension of the political economy of the issues, their articulation and expression with impressive eloquence far superior to many of us. This much for now. Getting late to get ready to go on a fact-finding "farce" of attack non Christians. Shall write a longer piece some other time.

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