Monday, February 13, 2017

Marxism 27 (BSP)

How many fake Ambedkarites have made sacrifices against Dalit oppression and how many leftists? Your likes are serving the ideological interests Brahmanism and Corporate crocodiles by targeting left in the same way as RSS does. Mayawati is as corrupt and opportunist as BJP or SP/Congress. Thrice she has been in power with BJP support. After the Gujarat holocaust in which thousands of Muslims were killed, raped, plundered and permanently dispossessed with everlasting fracture of the country's composite culture, Mayawati was campaigning for Modi sharing platforms with the leader of genocide, most of them being poor and OBCs. I detest Mayawati as much as Mulayam or any other corrupt corporate agent politician. Maximum Dalit atrocities took place under her CMship and by mostly Mayawati supporters. His most of the political schemers are upper caste. Her most of the "revenue collectors" are upper caste. Had she insight she could have become a historic figure but the lack of political wisdom and commitment to the cause of Bahujan her name shall be thrown in the same dustbin as of Modi. But she enjoyed the Brahmanical feudal fancies at the cost of common people due to lack of political wisdom. She builds memorials of Ambedkar while throwing to winds Ambedkar's political principles and goal of an egalitarian society. I'll be happy if she or anyone (SP-Congress alliance) stops the fascist crusade of Modi/RSS in UP as the left due it's own lack of insight, has decimated itself in north India. If I had to vote in UP in a particular constituency I would have voted for either of the 2 alternatives (Mayawati and Akhilesh) who ever was the main force there to halt BJP's fascist crusade against the people. By concentrating your attack on almost non-existing left, you are playing in the hands of Modi and his corporate bosses. Let us strengthen the slogan of Jay Bhim-Lal Salam if you really want to stand with the oppressed of the country.


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