Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Marxism 28 (Hannah Ardent)

I was just re-reading the chain smoking political theorist of the 2nd world war era Hanna Ardent's "The Origins of Totalitarianism" published in 1951 and finding it explaining so well the ascendance of Donald Trump in 1916 (US) and Narendra Modi (India) to the helm of political power. But I feel the radical left must not get into the internal war of ruling class parties over their internal (mostly superfluous) contradictions, notwithstanding the (would be) feeling of sense of relief at the political demise of the extreme right, racist leadership, must expend its energy on sharpening of the major and real contradictions by discoursing over the crisis of theory in Socialism. The ruling classes overplay/project their minor (not so minor sometimes, as now) internal contradictions to blunt the edge major class contradictions. The traditional left, i.e. the traditional CPs are seeking immediate, and almost stupid answers to highly complex situations, while the international Communist movement witnessed many tragic situations and history is overtaking us with an unimaginable pace. Re-reading Marx in the context of the contemporary neo-liberalism and democratically debating in order to get theoretical clarity about "What is to be done"?

Sorry began to write small comment on Trump and liberal/democratic opposition with reference to Hannah Ardent, digressed like an absentminded professor. Written 66 years ago it reads more like a contemporary analysis of this election cycles’s post-fact landscape—the ones driven by Donald Trump’s candidacy in the US and Modi's in India. Though as yet there are not the horrors of the magnitude of the Holocaust or the concentration camps, the political propagandizing and systematic organizing behind the genocidal totalitarian regimes it describes, seems to be headlines in elections in India in 2014 and US in 2016. I'll conclude my (inadvertently long) comment by couple of quotes from the 'Origin'.

"The answer to the fateful question: why did the European comity of nations allow this evil to spread until everything was destroyed, the good as well as the bad, is that all governments knew very well that their countries were secretly disintegrating, that the body politic was being destroyed from within, and that they lived on borrowed time."

"Demonizing immigrants and refugees is easier than acknowledging that national policies created an immigration crisis. Every attempt by international conferences to establish some legal status for stateless people failed because no agreement could possibly replace the territory to which an alien, within the framework of existing law, must be deportable. All discussions about the refugee problems revolved around this one question: How can the refugee be made deportable again?"

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