Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Janhastakshep (DU Press release)

Janhastakshep:a campaign against fascist designs
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Press Release:
22 February 2017
Hooliganism by ABVP goons in complicity of Delhi Police
Janhastakshep condemns in no uncertain terms the hooliganism and vandalism ABVP goons against the tradition of debate and discussion in connivance of the Delhi Police that has been acting on the pattern of Gujrat Police that actively helped and facilitated the massacres, rape and plunder as private army of Modi & Co. in 2002 and subsequent fake encounters. When the ABVP goons were vandalizing the Ramjas College to disrupt a seminar, the Delhi Police, instead of booking the hoodlums, pressurized the organizers to cancel the program who were forced to postpone it. ABVP has been acting in the manner of NAZI storm troopers who used to attack the meetings of opponents and terrorize the minorities in active connivance of the German Police. Today when students and teachers tried to take out a protest demonstration from Ramjas College to Mauricenagar Police station, the ABVP goons attacked the procession with bricks, iron rods and Lathis. Delhi Police under the command of the SHO, Mauricenagar Police station initially was mute witness and subsequently joined them. Many teachers and students including girls have sustained serious injuries. The Janhastakshep condemns the unconstitutional criminal complicity of Delhi Police, in violation of constitutional provisions of aiding and abetting the criminal activities of ABVP goons and expresses solidarity with Delhi University community and supports their call for a larger protest on March 1, 2017 against the culture of hooliganism under the protection of Home Minister Rajnath Singh whose protégées had attacked Kanhaiya, the then JNUSU president and teachers and students in Patiala House last year. Is it real fascism?
Janhastakshep demands arrest of the goons and an impartial probe into the role of Delhi Police for facilitating the criminal acts of the hooligans in disrupting the academic programs of the seminars and peaceful protests. Janhastakshep also demands an explanation from the country’s home minister under whose dictates Delhi Police acts as auxiliary force of goons instead of refraining them.
Ish Mishra Dr. Vikas Bajpai
(Convener) (Co-Convener)

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