Thursday, May 10, 2018

International Proletariat 67 (Class Consciousness)

Things always look disappointing in crisis but the ways come out from disappointments. The need of the hour is radicalization of social consciousness, that is our task. The law of dialectical materialism is that anything that exists is destined to perish. Capitalism as yet has been able to delay its demise through perpetuating the globalization of production and exchange on the one hand and jingoistic war mongering nationalism on the other. Through its ideological apparatuses, particularly the education, it has been able to delay its demise by projecting its internal, minor, often artificial contradiction as the major contradiction to blunt the major economic contradiction. Whenever there is crisis in the US, it finds national enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. Marx inthe Eighteenth Brumaire has expressed this apprehension but subsequent to that was formed the first International. Eventually we shall unite and win. Revolution is a continuous process, every struggle against injustice is part of the class struggle.

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