Thursday, September 24, 2015

Marxism 10

Life of human beings has much longer history than that of money that came into existence as the standard means of exchange that grew faster with the productive advantages of the growing division of labor. With social ownership of the means of production and distribution (sounds utopia in the neo-liberal paradigm), one would take what one needs and one would do what one can. Karl Marx calls it the stage of human emancipation -- emancipation of human creativity -- the stage of communism. The money shall be rendered irrelevant. This might be Marx's too optimistic wishful thinking. But one thing is sure, the Capitalism shall end, as historically, any thing that existed has vanished. What shall be the character and model of the new system shall be determined by the character of the forces that shall lead the decisive battle against the inhumanly exploitative neo-liberal capitalism at global level. Marx had also written, in a response to a letter asking about the blueprint of the communist society, that anticipating programs of future generations amounts to sidetracking the present struggles. Let us continue contributing our bit towards building a global resistance as the oppression of the capital is global, so is its character. Capital is global, as it is no more geocentric either in terms of source or investment.

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