Saturday, July 11, 2015


Azamgarh is also known for its craft and traditional medicines. Noorani tel of Mau (now a separate district) is still a panacea for muscle pain. Azamgarh city with evenly religious composition did not witness any major communal riot during or after the partition; during or after the Babari demolition till the bahubali minister of BJP, later of BSP, Rangnath Mishra (now in jail on corruption charges) tried in vain in 2002 by attacking Sibli Nationl College with Bjrangdal/ABVP goons and later by the lumpen BJP MP Adityanath tried to disturb the amity by declaring it Atankgarh during Ramjan by leading a provocative procession through Muslim localities n 2008 that created some communal tension but good senses prevailed and communal violence could be prevented. It was one of the hubs of 1857. Sibli National college was nationalist response to Sir Syd's Aligarh project. Not significant ,yet I am also from the Azamgarh district.

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