Friday, February 13, 2015

DU 59 (मोदी विमर्श 44)

Congress lost in 1996 for starting neo-liberal devastating policies in the name of economic reform leading to devaluation of currency by almost 400% and NDA I lost due to its not only continuation of the same policies but giving it unprecedented acceleration. Arun Shouri followed by Arun Jaitly were so impatient to sell out country's resources at throw-out prices for reasons best known to them, though declared assets multiplied many times. The so-called democracy allows only right to vote this or that ruling class party with concurrence of interests.The electoral left has become so-called. They again voted back Congress, which, due to lack of vision and arrogance of power went ahead with anti-national neo-liberalization policies. With Modi becoming the synonym to nation, the invisible hands of the market became visible on Modi's back. Jaitly arrogantly claimed on the day of Delhi results that the economic reform, i.e. the process of mortgaging and selling away the peoples' resources to corporate would go ahead unabated. This would prove to be nemesis of Modi government who might declare war with Pakistan if the US allows to its both agents, as last resort. If this government lasts for 5 years and goes ahead with its anti-people pro-corporate policies, the country's economy would be ruined with massive increases unemployment, poverty and inequality that would inevitably give rise to crime and pave the way for more criminals to be lawmakers. The prudent people in BJP, hopefully would recognize this danger and advise the government to apply a brake in its attempt to mortgage the country to corporate.

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